All Our Tragic (Remount)

It’s back and the critics love it.

★★★★ from Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune


“…a watershed moment for off-Loop theater. By whatever alchemy, it serves the greatest collection of stories ever written – adds to them, modernizes them, makes them feel fresh, forces you to see them both strange and familiar.”


Highly Recommended by The Chicago Sun Times


Graney has sharpened and clarified the show,primarily through his collaboration with set designer Tom Burch, who has maintained the weighty, Aegean-hued doors of his original set but shifted from an alley configuration to a thrust stage that focuses attention (with help from lighting master Jared Moore) with far greater intensity. Costume designer Alison Siple’s work is, if possible, even more glorious this time around..”


And New City says, 


“All Our Tragic” turns away from death and embraces life. It celebrates the messy, awful, angry, passionate, broken people who all loved something they had no business loving. Like any good Greek tragedy, it achieves catharsis.”

Featuring Ann Delaney (Odd Job Alice), Lauren Vogel (Odd Job Sophie), Kate Carson-Groner (Odd-Job Erdie), Dana Omar (Medee, Cruesa, Kalchas/Bat Tzar, Hecuba), Christine Stulik (Phedre, Cyklops, Ctessipos, JoKasta, Comptroller, Kassandra), Erin Barlow (Asterope, Antigone, Polyxena, Hermione), Emily Casey (Thiba, Mouse, Comptroller, Helen, Amazon, Sheep), Tien Doman (Glauke, Dejanira, Odyssa/Ewe, Klytaimnestra), Lindsey Gavel (Alkstis, Tiresias, Iphigenia/Butcher Priestess, Penthesilea, Sheep, Elektra), Geoff Button (Prometheus, Cyklops, Eteokles, Rhesyus, Orestes/Deputy), Walter Briggs (Herakles/Alkides, Pentheus the Gaunt, Agamemnon/Ram), Breon Arzell (Jason, Cyklops, Grouchy Glenus, Ion/Haemon, Achilles, Shield, Sheep), Ryan Bourque (Theseus, Lynceus, Menelaus/Lamb, Myrmidon), Zeke Sulkes (Aegeus, Kreon, Neoptolemus), Maximillian Lupine (Eurystheus, Polynikes, Spear, Ajax), Danny Goodman (Φiloktetes, Cadmus, Hector, Aigisthos) and John Taflan (Cyklops, Patroklos, Edipus, Comptroller, Sword, Sheep, Pylades/Orderly)


Creative team includes: Pat Fries (Production Manager), Nicole Kutcher (Production Assistant Stage Manager), Evan Cope (Associate Production Manager), Gabriella Welsh (Assistant

Production Manager), Robert McLean (Casting Director), Miranda Anderson, Justine B. Palmisano (Stage Managers), Casey Peek (Assistant Stage Manager), Tristan Chriuvolu (Stage Management Intern), Thrisa Hodits (Second Unit, Understudy Director), Keely Leonard (Assistant Director), Chloe Dzielak), Janet Howe (Design Assistant Director), Brian Browne (Technical Director), Tom Burch (Scenic Designer), Steph Charaska (Scenic Charge Artist), Alison Siple (Costume Designer), Satoe Nagasaka (Wardrobe), Mieka van der Ploeg (Assistant Costume and Wig Designer), Maddy Low (Assistant Wig and Makeup Designer), Jared Moore (Lighting Designer), Mike Durst (Associate Lighting Designer), Dani

elle Case (Props Designer), Linda Sherflick (Assistant Props Designer), Kristine Herne (Ajax Sheep Maker), Maya Marshall (Kassandra’s Hearts Designer), Kevin O’Donnel (Sound Designer), John Kelly (Master Electrician), Morgan Lake (Sound Engineer), Ryan Bourque (Fight Choreographer), Gore Coordinator, Jon Beal (Assistant Fight Director), Ann Delaney, Kate Carson-Groner, Erin Myers and Lauren Vogel (Music Direction)



During her final hours, Dr. Vivian Bearing, recounts her battle with cancer and struggles to accept her approaching end. Winner of the 1999 Pulitzer Prize for Drama, Margaret Edson’s play is a haunting tale of loss and meditation on life; it will be directed by Marti Lyons. In 2015, The Hypocrites were not alone in losing many beloved collaborators and friends, most of whom were taken by illness. This production of Witwill be our exploration of the complicated feelings that seized us all and an homage to those we lost.

Witis one of the bravest plays I have ever read,” comment director Marti Lyons. “In it, Margaret Edson, the playwright faces illness, mortality and death head on through her lead character, Dr. Vivian Bearing. Through Vivian’s bout with ovarian cancer and her life-long exploration of John Donne’s Holy Sonnets, the play is an investigation of what it means to live, a meditation on what it means to die, and a mourning for the deep loss inherent in the brevity of our time on this earth.” – Marti Lyons, Director



Adapted from Pauline Viardot-Garcia’s 1904 opera Cendrillon, and many of her other compositions, Andra Velis Simon’s musical-play is an elegantly irreverent exploration of the classic fairy tale. Here, Cinderella’s version of happily-ever-after does not include acceptance by the Prince. In the actor-as-orchestra style of The Hypocrites’ Gilbert & Sullivan opera work, Artistic Director Sean Graneydirects this fun holiday-time show, perfect for the whole family. From the co-adapter of H.M.S. Pinaforeand director of All Our Tragic.

“I wanted to take the next step in exploring opera with my long-time collaborator Andra Velis Simon,” comment director Sean Graney. “When we came across Viardot-García’s Cendrillon, we knew we found the right project. Cinderellais elegant in its exploration of the classic fairy tale; also it manages to present the main character as an independent person rather than one completely tied to acceptance by the Prince. When we explored more of Viardot-García’s life and compositions, we discovered a deep love for the composer and her interesting life.” – Sean Graney



This crazy, funny show sets heroines from the 19th-century novels of Louisa May Alcott, Jane Austen and the Bronte sisters, in a mythical place of Moors. When our heroines receive proposals of marriage, they decide to escape. The men wage war on the women starting the Moors Wars. Jaclyn Backhaus’ ultimately moving and inventive play ends in beautiful prose like a chapter from the books these women originated. Directed by Devon de Mayo.

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Jaclyn Backhausis a playwright and co-founder of Fresh Ground Pepper. The Hypocrites’ production of YOU ON THE MOORS NOW is her Chicago debut. Her play MEN ON BOATS was a NYT Critics’ Pick for its production in Clubbed Thumb’s Summerworks, as well as a Kilroys play in 2015. It will be remounted at Playwrights Horizons this year and receive its Chicago premiere at ATC in 2017. Other works include PEOPLE DOING MATH LIVE! (Under The Radar Festival’s INCOMING! Series at The Public Theater), THE INCREDIBLE FOX SISTERS (Live Source, The New Ohio), and YOU ON THE MOORS NOW (Theater Reconstruction Ensemble, NYC). She has received commissions from Playwrights Horizons and Ars Nova and is the 2016 Tow Foundation Playwright-in-Residence at Clubbed Thumb. Her work has been developed and showcased with the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival, Playwrights Horizons, The Public and Joe’s Pub, The Ice Factory Festival, (not just) 3 New Plays, The Civilians R&D Group, SPACE on Ryder Farm, Ars Nova’s ANTFest, and The Falcons. BFA: NYU. She hails from Phoenix, Arizona.

You On the Moors Nowexcites me because it is a feminist re-imagining of the lives of the heroines of four of the greatest literary novels by women,” comments director Devon de Mayo. “It reminds us of the specific importance of the strong, female protagonist, and asks ‘What if she didn’t need the dude? Like, at all?’ And ‘What if a woman’s friendship with other women is what drives her? Not her relationship with men.’ It’s so exciting to see these classics ripped apart and exploded into new, imagined circumstances. It’s witty, unpredictable and empowering. I think of it as Masterpiece Theatre meets Charles Mee meets Mr. Burns, A Post-Electric Play. Every time I read the play it makes me laugh, it surprises me and I find it touching.” – Devon de Mayo