Message from The Hypocrites’ Board of Directors

Hi  Friends & Supporters,
It’s been a little while since we spoke last, we know! We wanted to let you know of a big announcement: our beloved Sean Graney will be moving on from The Hypocrites. As our long-time Artistic Director and the original founder, Sean embodies everything about our company and leaves behind a staggering legacy of inspiration and innovation. 
Sean is moving on to pursue new opportunities and projects. We wish him the best of luck and happiness and we will miss him dearly. We’ll be in touch again to discuss what’s next for The Hypocrites!
With much love,
The Hypocrites Board of Directors


The American Premiere of a new Chekhov translation by Stephen Mulrine

Featuring Rebecca Blazer (Violin), John Byrnes (Yasha), Christopher DeJong (Tramp/Post Office Clerk), Kurt Ehrmann (Lopakhin), Christian Ginocchio (Trofimov), Dana Green (Anya), Greg Hardigan (Station Master), Deb Heinig (Varya), Tom Herman (Guitar), Helena Kays (Charlotta), Nicole LeGette (Cello), Bill McGough (Gaev), Donna Smothers McGough (M. Ranevskaya), Mechelle Moe (Dunyasha), Adam S. Moore (Pischik), Jordan Teplitz (Firs), and Steven Wilson (Yepikhodov).

Creative team includes: Mechelle Moe (Producer), Roz Francis (Assistant Director), Missy Guisinger (Stage Manager), Sarah Pace (Costume Design), Paul Foster (Lighting Design), Anne Filmer (Choreographer), Johnathan Watkins (Original Music Composition), Ben Getting (Sound Design), William Kimball (Set Design), Oona Kersey (Dramaturg/Props), Ryan Oliver (Magic Consultant), Sarah Hadley (Press Photos).

The Viaduct, 3111 North Western

The Cherry Orchard describes the lives of a group of Russians, in the wake of the Liberation of the serfs. The action takes place over the course of five or six months, but the histories of the characters are so complex that in many ways, the play begins years earlier.


Featuring John Sierros (Edmond), Roz Francis (Edmond’s Wife), Mieka Girten, Christian Ginocchio, William Tellman, and Arch Harmon

Creative team includes: Alex Smith (Lights)

Boxer Rebellion Theater, 1257 W. Loyola

Edmond, a man set morally adrift leaves an unfulfilling marriage to find sex, adventure, companionship, and ultimately, the meaning of his existence. This play has been described as a sort of reverse image morality play; whereas Every man went on a journey in search of his salvation, Mamet’s every man here descends into the maelstrom of big city degradation.


Featuring Christopher Cintron, Mierka Girten, Jennifer Joplin, and William Tellman

The Viaduct, 3111 North Western

Initially, The Danubeis an amusing little love story, accompanied by schmaltzy accordion and gypsy violin, in which Paul, a young American, meets and falls in love with Eve, a young woman of Budapest. Their courtship, conducted in the monosyllabic sentences of an English-Hungarian conversation course, is charming, old-fashioned. Then, the romance becomes diseased. Eve suddenly faints at a restaurant; Paul has a seizure after their lovemaking; he is sent to a hospital; their skin breaks out in evil-looking sores; their cozy world of family and friends collapses.


Featuring Don Bender (Gottlieb Biedermann), Jason Bohan (Ph.D.), Christopher Cintron (Sepp Schmitz), Roz Francis (Anna), Jill Huguet (Mrs. Biedermann), and Colin Milroy (Willi Eisenring) with Matt Andrew, Dave Edson, Christian Ginocchio, and Andrew Whatley as the Chorus of Firemen

Creative team includes: Juan Barrenechea (Set Design), Alex Smith (Lights)

The Viaduct, 3111 North Western

Max French’s The Firebugstracks a gang of arsonists. The group integrates itself with upper-class families and moves in temporarily before setting their homes ablaze.



Featuring Christian Ginocchio (Jacques Roux), Sean Marlow (Jean-Paul Marat), Mechelle Moe (Charlotte Corday), Adam Moore (Duperret), Will Shutz (Marquis de Sade), Lisa May Simpson (Simonne Evrard), and Andrew Whately (Herald), David Skvarla (Kokol), Sean Judge (Polpoch), Jill Huguet (Cucurucu), Mierka Girten (Rossignol). Patients: Matt Andrew, Robert Buscemi, Samantha Gleisten, Jen Grace, Colin Milroy, Candace Staron, Matt Capazi (Drums), Arron Henkin (Guitar), Rebecca Blazer (Violin), Christopher Cintron & Steve Wilson (Make Nurses), Liz Kelly (Nun), Bill McGough (Coulmier), Sean Yardley (Mme. Coulmier), Shana Orlowski (Coulmiers Daughter). 

Creative team includes: Mechelle Moe (Producer), Kristy Kambanis (Stage Manager), Jessica Petty (Assistant Stage Manager), Joy Wade (Set Design), Paul Foster (Light Design), Sarah Pace (Costume Design), Nate Flansburgh (Conductor), Mike Mazzara & Steve Wilson (Fight Choreography), Roz Franci (Assistant Director), Timothy Lacey (Assistant Producer), Oona Kersey (Dramaturg), 

The Viaduct, 3111 North Western

* Winner of the After Dark Award for Best Ensemble and Best Over-All Technical Excellence

* Nominated 2000 Non-Equity Jeff Award for Best Costume Design (Sarah Pace)

This period drama depicts French writer and aristocrat Marquis de Sade directing a performance while institutionalized in an asylum. Relating the death of revolutionary Jean-Paul Marat at the hand of Charlotte Corday the play, also starring de Sade, sees the disturbed mental patients become increasingly unruly during the course of the story.


In Eugene Ionescos’ 1948 one act we meet the Smiths who are having the Martins over for dinner. By the end of the evening it’s apparent to everyone that meaningful conversation is lost in our modern society.

Featuring Christopher Cintron (The Fire Chief), Brandon Kruse (Mr. Smith), Colin Milroy (Mr. Martin), Mechelle Moe (Mrs. Martin), Julie Paparella (Mrs. Smith), Carrie Vann (Mary) and Otis Gaybuttons (Eugene Ionesco)

Creative team includes: Brandon Kruse (Producer)

Cafe Voltaire, 3231 N. Clark

“If Ionesco could wander into the venerable basement of Cafe Voltaire, he would doubtless be delighted to see his nihilistic post-war experiment in the hands of The Hypocrites…” – Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune


Featuring Christopher Cintron (Woyzeck), Matthew Craig (Captain), Johnny Kastl (Barker), Mechelle Moe (Marie), Jason Scott (Andres), Butch Jerinic (Kathe, Grandmother), Brian Growney (Drum Major), Brandon Kruse (Doctor) and Abigail Gaybuttons (Christian the Baby) 

Creative team includes: Brandon Kruse (Producer), Jenn Huntzinger (Stage Manager), Jennifer Holland (Dramaturg), 

Cafe Voltaire, 3231 N. Clark

“The Hypocrites eke out the script’s incendiary musings on moral decrepitude through streamlined bleakness free of avant-garde contrivance.” – Lucia Mauro, NewCity Chicago


Featuring Kimberly Forsyth (Nell), Christian Ginocchio (Nagg), Todd Guill (Clov), and Will Schutz (Hamm)

Creative team includes: Brandon Kruse (Producer), Mechelle Moe (Assistant Director),  Jenn Huntzinger (Stage Manager), Butch Jerinic (Costumes), Peter Ciecka (Lighting Designer), Otis Gaybuttons (Agenda Advisor), Christopher Cintron (Associate Producer), Jennifer Holland (Dramaturg) 

Cafe Voltaire, 3231 N. Clark 

“[The actors] hold our attention through an unhurried but intense connection with their text, with each other, and with us.” – Mary Shen Barnidge, Chicago Reader


Featuring Christopher Cintron (Jeep), Mechelle Moe (Lupe), Monica Payne (Liza), and Steven Wilson (Shooter)

Creative team includes: Sean Graney (Director), Brandon Kruse (Producer), Elizabeth Lexa (Assistant Director, Stage Manager), Peter Ciecka (Lighting Designer), Jennifer Holland (Dramaturg), Susan Otter (Costume Alterations), Nate Flansburgh (Hair Stylist), Otis Gaybuttons (Technical Director)

Neo-Futurarium, 5153 N. Ashland

Actionis an Obie Award-winning play takes you right into the living room of a post-apocalyptic holiday. Liza, Lupe, Jeep and Shooter are trapped in a cold, isolated cabin after a mysterious “crisis.” Time has passed since the days of mass-media and indoor plumbing and they are struggling to pull off a holiday meal. Limited food, an uncertain future and overwhelming boredom begin to take their toll with disturbing and absurd results.