The American Premiere of a new Chekhov translation by Stephen Mulrine

Featuring Rebecca Blazer (Violin), John Byrnes (Yasha), Christopher DeJong (Tramp/Post Office Clerk), Kurt Ehrmann (Lopakhin), Christian Ginocchio (Trofimov), Dana Green (Anya), Greg Hardigan (Station Master), Deb Heinig (Varya), Tom Herman (Guitar), Helena Kays (Charlotta), Nicole LeGette (Cello), Bill McGough (Gaev), Donna Smothers McGough (M. Ranevskaya), Mechelle Moe (Dunyasha), Adam S. Moore (Pischik), Jordan Teplitz (Firs), and Steven Wilson (Yepikhodov).

Creative team includes: Mechelle Moe (Producer), Roz Francis (Assistant Director), Missy Guisinger (Stage Manager), Sarah Pace (Costume Design), Paul Foster (Lighting Design), Anne Filmer (Choreographer), Johnathan Watkins (Original Music Composition), Ben Getting (Sound Design), William Kimball (Set Design), Oona Kersey (Dramaturg/Props), Ryan Oliver (Magic Consultant), Sarah Hadley (Press Photos).

The Viaduct, 3111 North Western

The Cherry Orchard describes the lives of a group of Russians, in the wake of the Liberation of the serfs. The action takes place over the course of five or six months, but the histories of the characters are so complex that in many ways, the play begins years earlier.